Photo by Yasunari Akita

Thanks for visiting my website.  I’ve been away quite a bit lately.  Between shooting, my new job with Remington Defense, and the Presidential Election, I’ve not had much time to train...or teach! 

Everything is going great with Remington.  I’m learning the business more and more, and I hope my career here will last a long time.  Unfortunately, my shooting has suffered quite a bit.  I’ve not been able to attend nearly as many matches as I would like, but I was lucky enough to attend World Shoot XVI in Greece.  The USA really did well, and I am proud to say that I was there to be a part of it. 

After a close run-off election, I won the Presidency of USPSA by only 350 votes!  I can certainly understand everyone’s concern with a new President...especially after the great job Mike has done for the last 12 years.  I’m ready to give it a shot, and I hope I don’t disappoint.  I have a great BOD and staff behind me, and I will be utilizing them to their fullest potential!  

Hope to see you on the range!

Phil Strader



Special thanks to Brandon Wright, Rob Middaugh and Rob McGinnis at International Training, Inc. for putting this movie together!